Lazer Ops is a Laser shooting game arena. Ever wanted to be part of a video game? Lazer Ops is the closest you’ll ever get to being inside a video game! Shoot your friends with lasers during the laser game. We will provide individual scorecards to each player showing detailed stats of how well (or how bad!) a player played during the laser tag game.

 Lazer Ops was previously known as LaserMaxx India. We still use the awesome LaserMaxx Equipment in Hyderabad. Lazer Ops was the first Laser tag arena in Hyderabad and one of the first laser game arenas in India. Lazer Ops was also the first laser tag gaming center in India to have a multi-level laser game arena which is in our Jubilee Hills laser tag arena in Hyderabad.

Lazer Ops – Laser Game Explanatory Video

– Put the Lazer ops laser gaming vest on.
– Shoot opponents inside the laser game arena with the provided laser guns.
– Shooting is done by pressing the yellow button and pulling the trigger.
– Opponents can be shot wherever the vest lights are.
– When you are hit, your laser game vest deactivates for 5 seconds. When it comes back on, you have one second where you can shoot your opponents but they cannot shoot you.
– After the laser game, you will be provided with a detailed analysis of how you performed during the laser game with individual scorecards.

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